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Why are you even looking at this page?
These are the boring credits that everyone walks out on at the end of the movie.
The only people who stay are the insecure people who worked on the film...

or possibly their parents who wonder how their kids are making a living after they spent a fortune helping them get a liberal arts degree… in six years.
But if you really insist, here are the credits:

Executive Producer
L. Randall Nogg

Herb Golden & L. Randall Nogg

Kent Skov

Writers & Cast
Robert Buchholz, Michael Cheselka, Connie Cook, John P. McCann,
Bob Petrella, Steve Pinto, Stephen Rollman, Ken Segall, Indy Shriner, Kent Skov

Cast of "The Hollywood Screening Room"
Sandy Mielke, Scott Weintraub, Stephen Rollman

Nathan Roberts

Dave Storrs

Additional Music
Richard Baker & Mary Newland

Supervising Engineer
Byron Wagner

Recording Engineer
Michael Perricone

Director of Photography

Adam Jones

Camera Operator
Jim Stewart

Camera Assistants
Linda Obalil, Steve Wachtel

Thirteenth President of the United States
Millard Fillmore

James Aupperle, Ralph Belliveau, Dean St. John

Diana Hinkler

Best Boy

Wouldn't You Like to Know?

Still Photos
Guy Mangiamele

Typer Of This List
Emma Marie Kat